I think this single item has given the word "hype" a new dimension. First there were all the rumours and a lot of hot-shot's in the business were called in to give their opinion. Then came the introduction in USA and the reality concerning design versus functionality became one of the relevant issues.

My first opinion was "NO" i will not give up the functionality of my Nokia E70 in order to have this thing. What did happen then that changed my mind ???  I got the iPod Touch and from then on i was lost.

Shortly after i found myself equipped with an iPhone running v. 1.0.2 (thanks to my sponsor if you read this). Both units are of course jailbraked - thanks to the iPhone comunity for the great work they are doing.

Well - after a year or so came version 2.x and a lot of things was improved and by now we have version 3.x ans still my old first generation phone is supported and i have had the updates for free. On that basis i accept that there will be no more updates for my 1. gen. phone. Beat that or die Nokia and Sony Ericsson.......


Design - Simply unbeatable. This is a milestone in mobile phone design that i expect to be remembered like the Nokia 2110. And it is still unbeatable in december 2009.

Wow factor - This gadget is recognized at quite a distance by other gadget freaks and people with a taste for design and elegance.

Every time you look at the iPhone you get this happy feeling that only an Apple "thing" can give you.

Best touch screen i ever experienced - Other mobiles with touch screen's sucks due to bad response and low display contrast (i have had three others), The iPhone and iPod Touch are winners in this category. Try to see what happens if you use a pair of sunglasses with polarized glass - it works in both "portrait" and "landscape" mode. This is not the case with my Sony Ericsson phones or my Canon cameras.

Great browser - i often use the iPhone for reading news instead of turning on the PC.

Bluetooth can only interface to headset's. No wireless syncronization with the PC or connection to GPS or stereo headsets. The GPS connection would be nice for version 1 owners.


Only GSM (Edge) and W-Lan. Apple says they had to skip the WCDMA part in order to obtain decent battery life. Well they could at least let me as a user take the decision between battery life and bandwith. (Solved in 2.nd generation - thanks)

The Safari browser is among the best but it still lacks Flash support. (come on Apple now that HTC has shown it is possible in the "Desire" you have to make your move) Well well.... times are changing and now (2012) HTML5 seems to be the way to go

No MMS (SMS with pictures and/or sound for those of you that dont know about it) Well actually it is quite funny from time to time to be able to send a picture to someone showing what you are doing. Of course it can be done via e-mail but a lot of people use hotmail type of e-mail or don't use the client in the phone. (Seems to be solved in 2.nd generation).

But hey - iPhone4 has a video call thing that works only between iPhone 4 when they are on WLan - What are you thinking of. Video calling is not a killer app but please follow known standards in addition to your own silly inventions. 

The camera is not up to the standard you would expect in a "high end" phone - My Ericsson P990 with autofocus is much better. I don't expect more than 2-3 megapixel but i expect autofocus, macro and decent quality. The built in camera is like a bad Kodak instamatic even on a sunny day. Hello Apple where are you. (3.rd generation had 3 Megapixel and autofocus and for thoose of you knowing about photography this is acceptable with the present quality of the optics in mobile phones. OK.... seems to be solved with the quality we see in 4GS

You can syncronize calendar and contacts but the yellow notes from outlook and your "to do" list stays i your computer. And with the newest versions of iTunes it seems that a lot of people has lost the ability to syncronize with Outlook. Not an Apple product i hear you say about Outlook - yeah but quite common anyway and Nokia has no problems with this. (I hear that latest OS update bring improvements but have not tried it)

Bluetooth can only interface to headset's. No wireless syncronization with the PC or connection to bluetooth GPS. And where is the support of streaming audio to a pair of bluetooth headphones. A2DP i think it is called.

Where is the "cut and paste" function inside or between applications.... well this is in place with the latest OS upgrade and works even on old 1.st generation iPhones.

No folders in the mail application (pop3 at least) for archiving mail - only the inbox.

Not a word of the Apple policy of "activation" via iTunes and exclusive agreements with only one network operator in each country - This is not european style and no other newcomer in the business could survive beeing so arrogant. Ok, this is slowly improving and tomorrow the iPhone 4 willl be in the shops here in my country without the need for a subscription with a mobile operator (Thanks Apple)

How many iPod's do you think Apple could sell if they could only connect to Mac computers and play music sold via iTunes......... And don't tell us the "Playstation 3 or PSP story" that they loose money on the units and have to gain them back via the mobile operators - that's not true.


To be honest only Apple can get away with introducing a phone lacking so many basic features from day one. On the other hand they have my respect for supporting the version 1 iPhone in all their OS updates until now.  

I love my iPhone......... and measure all other phones against it - until now it is second to none.

I have tried Windows Mobile version 6.1 and believe me nothing has happened to it since 2004 when i last saw it, as Windows CE, in a Compaq PDA . Microsoft Windows Mobile performance is so mouch below 2009 standard. RIP. But again time changes, i actually believe that Nokia and Microsoft are doing a good job together at the moment (2012)

I think it is about time that Apple starts considering having two models on the market - the full blown iPhone as we know it and something newlike a smaller iPod Nano based model for thoose wanting a smaller phone that fits the pocket. ( yes i know that standby time will be an issue for a mobile fitted into an iPod Nano ). Having seen what Sony Ericsson has been able to do with their X10 series is in my opinion the proof that there is a need for the above mentioned "iPhone Nano"

Today i had the iPhone4 in my hands and it is still a top performer but maybee with a few scratches and some competitors closing in.


---- more to follow ----

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